Training is often overlooked and even dismissed as a vital part of water treatment. At Western Water Technologies we take this area very seriously. Without proper training and instruction, costly deterioration to equipment often results.

  • ​​Water Treatment Fundamentals

  • Impurities in water as ions

    • ​Hardness

    • Alkalinity

  • Chlorides

  • Total Dissolved Solids

  • pH

  • Prevention of Waterside Problems

  • Closed Loop Fundamentals​

  • ​​Testing Procedures & Meanings

  • Water Treatment Adjustments

  • Chemical Cleaning Procedures

  • Lay up Procedures

  • Equipment Benefits/Features

  • ​Troubleshooting Procedures

    • ​Corrosion

    • Deposition

    • Microbiological Fouling

    • ​Miscellaneous Monitoring

Training services

All training can take place in a group meeting or on an individual basis. Handouts and literature will be given to all key personnel.

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