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legionella risk survey
  • Cooling Tower & Water-Cooled Air Conditioning Systems

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  • Chilled & Hot Water Closed Systems

Digital imaging for condenser and evaporator tubes to allow better visual condition of the internal metals. 

Brushing and flushing of condenser and evaporator tubes to remove suspended solids and microbiological slime.

We Service:

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Complete cleaning of cooling tower consisting of pressure washing of tower fill, louvers, sumps, spray nozzles, distribution pans, pump suction screens, and tube bundle.

Access to a web-based and secure report log specific to your plant. It is a user-friendly reporting system designed for owners, operators, and service technicians

Equipment INstallation
Other services
Tube Brushing
Tower cleanings

Chemical flushing and disinfecting of domestic water lines required by new construction protocols.

Assessment of risk for possibility and prevention of Legionella including: plant survey, sampling, analysis, interpretation of analysis, and water management plan.

Tower disinfection
Condenser cleanings

Complete installation of controllers, chemical metering pumps, chemical tanks, pot feeders, coupon racks with coupons, water meters, bleed valves, and more.



Chemical cleaning and disinfecting of the cooling tower from Legionella as well as other forms of bacteria. We closely follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC for this process.

Descaling of the condenser tubes to remove scale formations caused from poor water treatment.