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Western Water Technologies, Inc. is locally based in Tucson and Phoenix to provide immediate service and parts to our clients. Our warehouses maintain an inventory of state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, chemical feed pumps, chemical feed tanks, bypass feeders and solenoid valves.

  • Controllers
  • Chemical Metering Pumps
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Pot Feeders​
  • Bleed Valves
  • Water Meters
  • Coupon Racks with Coupons

in addition, we can provide:

equipment services

Equipment We Install:

Regular Service Calls

A qualified specialist will perform a detailed water analysis with a written report at the time of each scheduled service call. Additional special analysis such as biological testing, tower cleanings and tube brushings will be provided and scheduled with your HVAC technician during the calendar year.


Chemical Delivery

All chemicals, equipment and testing material are warehoused in Phoenix and Tucson to provide immediate delivery.


Water Treatment Specialist Availability

At least three specialists will know you and the plant treatment/operations in detail, allowing us to respond to your needs immediately. Two service technicians and a supervisor will be available to give detailed answers and solutions to your complete water treatment needs.

Service Truck Fleet

Each of our service trucks carries all the equipment necessary to perform scheduled services as well as any impromptu needed services. Each vehicle carries a full line of safety gear such as face shields, aprons, and gloves. Extension ladders, hoses, power sprayers and siphon hoses are standard. In addition, we also carry new chemical pumps, valves and conductivity probes to provide immediate repair.

Equipment Inspection

We will provide a complete and detailed inspection of all equipment under treatment with proper documentation at each site on a semi-annual basis.

key benefits

  • Chemical feed pumps, tanks, and secondary containment systems

  • TDS and pH monitoring Control systems

  • Bypass feeders and side stream filter systems

  • Testing reagents and test kits

  • Condenser brushing equipment

  • Equipment cleaning power sprayers

We also provide support services for Reverse Osmosis (RO) equipment!