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​     Charts & Graphs

  • Controller data logs may be compared with Service Report and Operator Log test results

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual product usage may be reviewed

  • Reported test results may be easily graphed and compared

  • All test results on a system can be viewed by easily accessing the system overview chart

     Easy To Access

  • No software needs to be downloaded
  • Internet Explorer 5.5+ and an Internet connection are the only requirements
  • Updates and new features appear automatically
  • An intuitive, icon based navigation system ensures ease of use

Western Water Technologies uses a web-based reporting system in order to best communicate with our customers and properly archive all reports taken at each site.

electronic reporting


key benefits

     ​Online Reporting

  • Color‐coded control limits provide an easy indication of test results
  • Test results are easily graphed and trended
  • Saved reports provide an overview of time spent and work performed
  • Reports that are emailed appear exactly as they appear online